Whether it's a desire to encapsulate a once in a lifetime moment in a surreal setting, or to capture a colourful keepsake of a culture very different to our own, travel ignites a love for photography in many of us. With a career in physiotherapy that has allowed me to live abroad for extended periods, this love has blossomed into a passion. Waking early for sunrises and losing myself in nature for hours at a time have now not only become the norm, but something I crave. Although the call of the ocean and the mountains will always be the strongest, it's an appreciation of the beauty of nature in all its forms, that drives me. 

As a photographer, I work primarily with natural and available light. With a background in health and sport, the inspiration for both my images and words is a deeply-rooted desire to inspire others to lead an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Upcoming trips:

Rwanda // March 2019 // Volunteer photography project through Photographers without Borders

On my photography bucket list:

A surf photography workshop

Ultimately, I want to inspire you to explore, embrace adventure, and move outside the box.