Whether it's a desire to encapsulate a once in a lifetime moment in a surreal setting, or to capture a colourful keepsake of a culture very different to our own, travel ignites a love for photography in many of us. With a career in physiotherapy that has allowed me to live abroad for extended periods, this love has blossomed into a passion. Waking early for sunrises and losing myself in nature for hours at a time have now not only become the norm, but something I crave. Although the call of the ocean and the mountains will always be the strongest, it's an appreciation of the beauty of nature in all its forms, that drives me. 

But that’s not all.

Living abroad has also transformed the way I choose to travel. I spent so much of my time away outdoors - hiking, surfing, rock-climbing and so on - building an everlasting connection to the beauty and benefits of our natural environment. This period of time came alongside the growth of social media, and with it, the rise in tourism based on what was being promoted online. I am now striving to travel more sustainably, from the environmental sense, as well as the cultural, and mindfully promote this way of travel and living through my work.

And one more thing.

My nature is geared towards helping others and giving back, which my physiotherapy career has allowed me to fulfill in different ways. It has also exposed me to people’s stories, leading me to give back in a challenging yet powerful way - through story-telling. I see and hear the stories of people from around the world, bringing them to life with photography and writing.

Upcoming trips:

Australia // Early 2020

On my photography bucket list:

Surf photography workshop

Ultimately, I want to inspire you to explore, embrace adventure, and move outside the box.