Wintry scenes in Toronto photo diary

Winter is just getting underway in Toronto and to be real, we’ve been pretty lucky so far. On a recent Sunday afternoon, I decided it was time to get the camera out into the cold before it gets really cold, and see what I could spontaneously capture. The photographs below are from Trinity Bellwoods Park in the west end of Toronto. I’ve never spent much time in this park but I know enough that come summertime, it is full of people picnicking, tossing the frisbee, playing their guitars and so on. On this particular day, amongst the lightly snow-covered grounds, not all were hibernating. In typical Canadian fashion, hockey was being played on the local ice rink. There wasn’t enough snow for tobogganing although it seems like some of you can’t wait for a heavier fall just for this reason. Filing out the other activity in the park were dog walkers, a few runners, and others trying to enjoy a gray afternoon in the big city.

What neighbourhoods do you enjoy exploring in the winter, in between ducking into local cafes for a hot coffee or two?

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