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Surfing confessions

Tales of a surfing addict

ready, set, run!

The benefits of physical activity for children are numerous. Running can be a fun way to get children to increase their fitness and build a lifelong healthy habit. Here’s how.

sports-related concussions

We’re slowly coming to recognize that concussions are more than just a knock to the head. We owe it to ourselves, the weekend warriors and parents of young athletes, to stay up to date with the latest knowledge on this evolving concern.

proactive pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful and joyous time. But occasionally finding its way into the pregnancy journey is the unwelcome experience of pain. Adopting a proactive approach is crucial in minimizing physical pain during and after pregnancy.


be-ing in nature

How present are you when you spend time in nature? With a few simple strategies, we can tweak our behaviour in ways that can add great value to our time spent outdoors. 

the dirt on trail running

Whether you’re a new or seasoned runner, trail running offers the change of pace and scenery that you need to breathe some life into your running routine. But before hitting the trail, there are a few considerations and tips to keep in mind.

holistic injury healing

No one who participates in sport is immune to injury. What we can control are the actions we take following an injury to lessen its impact. There’s more than just ice and rest to get you up and running again. Learn more here.


Pre-Departure thoughts

It’s easy to rely on fancy equipment, acupuncture, or complex exercises to “fix” the “injuries” that come through the door. I imagine that stripping these resources away from my reach, as will be the case on this trip, will help bring the essence of physiotherapy back to the forefront of my practice.  

pool runnings

It's six weeks until your first half-marathon and you've just been handed the runner's death sentence. Your physiotherapist has advised you to stop running. Your goal of making it even to the start line becomes very fuzzy almost immediately. Learn how this alternate activity can maintain your fitness and morale while rehabilitating. 

learning to surf

Life Lessons from the Ocean

We can experience the ocean's benefits just by our proximity to it, but even more so when we immerse ourselves in it physically. It's only then that we truly come to grips with how small we really are and how much influence nature has over us. Read more about the transformative powers of surfing.

all thrills-

no spills

As a mountain-biker, you're bound to have your sanity questioned by outsiders. As someone interested in the sport, you may be hesitating to take your first ride. Silence the worriers with these injury prevention tips.